The ares of development in our Montessori development include:

Practical life skills develop gross & fine motor skills, these teach the child to care for self and the enviroment and how to socialise and behave leading to self-confidence, independence, mental concentration and physical co-ordination.

Sensorial exercises refine the five senses by sorting, matching, comparing objects of different shapes, sizes, touch, taste and sounds therefore boosting the child's ability to observe and appreciate the surrounding environment.

Language directly prepares the child for writing and reading phonetically using the specially prepared Montessori Language materials.

Number work materials introduce the child to counting and numbers and enable the child to understand the basic mathematical concepts.

Cultural studies of history,geography, zoology and botany are carried out with specially prepared materials and apparatus.

Creative activities of arts & craft, music & movement, storytelling & role play introduce the children to a range of art media, musical instruments as well as various literary words.

The children are offered a graduated series of materials and activities and are encouraged to develop a sense of satisfaction from a job well done. The materials and activities are specifically designed to create a sense of purpose for your child. This will increase their sense of achievement and develop within them a joy of learning.

A Thematic Approach

We also follow a thematic curriculum with different themes every one to two months. The children will learn about the topics selected through story telling, role play, shared reading and writing, colouring, drawing and art and craft activities.
For this year our themes will focus on ground rules & courtesy, my family, myself/my body, my home/ my school, occupation and transportation, animals, dinosaurs, the Solar System, Malaysia, Botany, light and water, and the various festivities. We have plans to visit the National Zoo, Petting Zoo, Airforce Museum and Fire Station.

Reading Programme

We have an English Reading Programme using the Heinemann Storyworlds from England and Sunshine books from New Zealand which complements the Thematic Curriculum. Children aged from 4 to 6 years are given a copy of the Heinemann storybooks during classwork. All children are given a Sunshine story book every Friday to take home to read with their parents after reading with the teachers.