Frequenty Asked Questions

  1. What is the student teacher ratio?

    We follow the regulations laid out by Social Welfare Department and most of the time it is lower than 8 children to 1 teacher for children 3 & below and 5 children to 1 teeacher for children below 3.

  2. What curriculum do you follow?

    All our centres follow the Montessori method of teaching. The children learn through hands-on activities carefully planned by our directress.

  3. What books do you have?

    For children 4 years & below, we have our own Sparkles in-home books. Preschoolers above 5 years will have some workbooks as well as our in-home books. Our books follow the Montessori curriculum.

  4. How about hygiene & cleanliness in the schools?

    We have isntalled Initial hand sanitisers & dryers for hygiene purposes. The materials & apparatus are also cleaned daily with sanitiser.

  5. Are sick children allowed to be in school?

    We take the childrens' temperature as they come in. CHildren who are not well will be quarantined while waiting for their parents to collect them. The beds they sleep in will be sanitised.