Montessori TTDI

"A child is a discoverer. We teachers can only help the work going on"

- Maria Montessori

Sparkles Montessori TTDI centre is carefully planned to ensure that it is a secure, comfortable and happy place.

Our centre has equipped CCTV to ensure safety, and all have approved by the relevant authorities

We have a team of trained and dedicated staff to guide and care for your child.  Montessori, Early Childhood, Art, Music & Movement are some of our qualifications.

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Programmes and Activities

Practical Life Skills

Develop gross & fine motor skills

Sensorial Exercises

Boosting the child's ability to observe and appreciate the surrounding environment


English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin

Number Work

Understand the basic mathematical concepts

Cultural Studies

Science, History, Geography, Zoology, and Botany

Creative Activities

Storytelling, Role-play, Music & Movement

Enrichment Activities

Cookery, Gardening, outdoor play, Excursions, Parties, Sports Day, Concert.

Extra Curricular Activities

Ballet, Taekwondo, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia

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