Activities of Everyday Living develops gross and fine motor skills.
We use role-play activities indirectly guiding children about classroom etiquettes, care of self and environment, social grace and courtesy. Working on these activities develop self-esteem, confidence, independence, concentration and physical coordination.

In our classroom and school, everyone works together and assist each other and functions as a small community.

Sensorial exercises refine the five senses by sorting, matching, comparing objects of different shapes, sizes, touch, taste and sounds, therefore boosting the child’s ability to observe and appreciate the surrounding environment.

Literacy directly prepares the child for writing and reading phonetically using the specially developed Montessori Language materials. The Heinemann Storyworlds reading programe complements the Montessori English Pogrammes by introducing exciting stories and creating joy in learning.

We practice a fun way of learning through stories, song and activities with in-house materials to guide children in the three languages of English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

montessori literacy
montessori TTDI math

Numeracy materials introduce the child to counting and numbers and enable the child to understand the underlying mathematical concepts.

Creative activities of arts & craft, music & movement, storytelling & role play introduce the children to a range of art media, musical instruments as well as various literary words.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – studies of zoology, botany, history, geography, astrology, the continents are carried out with specially prepared materials and apparatus. The children learn through hands-on activities, storytelling, show and tell sessions, role-play, creative writing and drawing as well as art and craft work.

Enrichment Activities – the child learns to appreciate his natural environment through gardening activities, cookery sessions, outdoor play, water play, science experiments and excursions. We have two significant events in the year – Sports Day and Annual Concert

Extra-curricular lessons of Ballet, Taekwondo and Mandarin are in progress in certain Centres.

The children are offered a graduated series of materials and activities and are encouraged to develop a sense of satisfaction from a job well done. The materials and activities are specifically designed to create a sense of purpose for your child. It increases their understanding of achievement and develops within them the joy of learning.

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